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When you join our affiliate program the benefits are endless! Participation is open to individuals and business owners. There are absolutely NO fees to take part in our program, just rewards!

Let's talk money!

You can earn $5 for every logo design purchase and/or $15 for each web design purchase that you refer to us! Referred clients will be motivated to use your coupon because they will also receive a $5 discount on their logo design purchase and $15 on the web design purchase! It’s that simple!


When you sign up, you will receive a banner code and coupon code via email. There are two options you can use to advertise our services on your website: a banner or a simple text announcement. Simply place the banner code, or text code provided to you via email on your website and you’re ready to go! You can give your coupon code to anyone who might be interested in a logo design or web design, maybe even a friend of a friend of a random person!

All they have to do is enter your coupon code when they order our logo design or web design services.

Everyone. Not only will you earn $5 each time one of your referrals purchases a logo design or $15 web design from our site, but they will be motivated to use your coupon because it means they will receive a $5 discount on their logo design and/or $15 off any web design solution they desire.

You will be able to track the number of sales generated with your coupon codes at any time by contacting our team. Once a month we will make payouts to each partner who has earned rewards in the last 30 day period. You can also withdraw funds at any time simply by emailing us with your request.

As a business owner, when you become a partner we will promote your business on our website as well as our newsletter. We will embed a link to your website along with your logo - increasing your internet traffic and visibility on the web.