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We have an array of websites, videos, graphic design, and business development project snippets below from different industries. 


Website Design

  • Fashion & Design Case Study

    Client: BiPolar Styling & Design

    Skills: Website Design (as shown) & Stationery Design

    Project Insight:

    Our goal when starting our project with BiPolar Styling & Design was to align ourselves with who BiPolar is as a brand and to identify opportunities we could leverage to better express their positioning. To do this, we set ourselves up as an extension of their team and conducted research and working sessions to define key considerations.

  • Product Case Study

    Client: Bermuda Jamsations

    Skills: E-Commerce Website Design (as shown), Stationery Design, Retractable Banner Design & Marketing Materials Design

    Project Insight:

    E-Commerce Website Designed to sell jellies, jam, & salsa. Our client needed an online extension of their existing brand to reach customers outside of their geographic location. Our strategy was to build a site for that makes visitors feel like they are at the farmer's market with Ms. Marshallene completing the sale and learning how to pair their jams, jellies, and salsas with new recipes.

  • Fitness & Nutrition Case Study

    Client: Best Lifestyle Fitness & Nutrition

    Skills: Website Design (as shown) & Stationery Design

    Project Insight:

    When building this online destination for our client, our plan was to take the focus away from the gym. We wanted to encompass what it really means to be healthy not just "fit." To execute this vision, we built a website to provide our trainer's clients with recipes, nutritional guidance, and access to track their fitness progression.

  • Ministry Case Study

    Client: Faith Haven Ministry

    Skills: Website Design (as shown), Stationery Design, Marketing Plan, & Signage Design

    Project Insight:

    We established a collaborative environment, so that we could quickly align with Faith Haven's team and leverage their insights. We were able to quickly create a vision for content creation and design direction. We built a website to share their ministry with the world and a brand approach unlike any other experience in their industry.

  • Resource Directory Case Study - Ongoing

    Client: Derrik Anderson

    Skills: Website Design (as shown), Branding Plan, Marketing Plan, & Signage Design

    Project Insight:

    Our key objective was to design a user-friendly resource portal that could evolve over the years while still remaining a staple resource for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. The idea had to be broad enough to encompass the diverse set of businesses and organizations yet have the ability to be accessed across multiple platforms. We are now working towards designing a mobile application for the portal to be available on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Finance Case Study

    Client: Engage Foward

    Skills: Website Design (as shown), Soft Launch Marketing Plan, & Stationery Design

    Project Insight:

    For Engage Forward we landed on a very simple and flexible solution. We created a design system that reinforced the idea of people, education, and the ease of understanding finances. Our client wanted to focus on an out of the box solution which would clearly differentiate them from financial advisors.

  • Event Planner Case Study

    Client: Events By Anderson

    Skills: Website Design (as shown) & Event Promotional Flyers

    Project Insight:

    The design we established for this event planner allows for continuous flexibility and growth throughout the years. Its simplicity gives it the ability to speak to a diverse group of individuals and exhibits the range of talent Events by Anderson has to offer for any event.

  • Restaurant Case Study

    Client: Bush's BBQ

    Skills: Website Design (as shown) & Menu

    Project Insight:

    We wanted to do something different with this restaurant to encourage people to come back time and time again. To create some excitement among new diners, we decided to include live photos of the food on the grills and smokers. This approach encouraged individuals to come in to the restaurant to dine and tripled the amount of catering opportunities for the business with online ordering and delivery.

  • Non-Profit Case Study

    Client: Down Syndrome Buddy Walk

    Skills: Website Design (as shown)

    Project Insight:

    From its minimal presence to the bold statement of the organization, the Ian Buddy Walk website provided its visitors with easy access to the organization's and event's resources. The design is solely focused on highlighting the important pieces of the its mission and how it aligns with the community.

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