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    The Blueprint I: The Research

    Regardless the industry you are entering, you need to research your competition thoroughly.  In your research, make sure you analyze your industry at each level and make sure that you will be able to compete on every level as you grow.  Inaccurate research will assure you of one thing, failure.  We are taught that competition...
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    The Blueprint I: The Why

    February 22, 2016 The Why. Why are you starting a business?  Though it can be enticing, money should not be your only motivation.  For a business to endure the test of time, the founder has to genuinely believe in the product/service.  Consider trying to convince someone to change their trusted brand of soap using this...
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    The Blueprint I: The Brand

    February 13, 2016 The Brand. Contrary to some beliefs, a brand is not just a logo.  The brand is the foundation in everything you do in a business. Whether it is a better quality of clothing or a better means of transportation, great businesses solve problems.  Businesses succeed when they are able to relate to...
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    Good Business

    Sep 29, 2013 Effective Communication in the Design Process Effective communication creates the design! We just put it on the paper! Over the years we have learned that our most successful designs were results of inclusion of one base ingredient, effective communication. From conception through completion the level of communication is key in success...